Monthly Archives: October 2012

” I Love Rock and Roll…”


Today has been a blast in our shop, Tons of Treasures in Laguna Niguel.  Visitors comment on how much they love our eclectic collection of treasures.  But, I keep forgetting to mention the “Back Room” full of Rock and Roll Treasures.  The back wall is full of Vintage and Classic Rock.  We have collected since these records were new, and have amassed quite a variety.  My favorites have always been “Top 40” and my husband likes the “Deep Tracks”.  No matter what your favorites are, more than likely, you will find something special here…

Nut Cracker Collection ~ Handmade in Germany


Christmas Already?  Well, this is a great collection that deserves to be shared….

Steinback and Christian Ulbright  handmade Wooden Nutcrackers

are now for sale at Tons of Treasures in Laguna Niguel!

Some are even Signed by the Artist~

Preparing for Halloween – just to get into the mood!


John found this “Treasure” and had to model it at Tons of Treasures in Laguna Niguel today.  Notice the Gypsy Fortune Teller looks surprised at what she sees from the rear of things…

Rustic Decorating ~ Burlap Idaho Potato Sacks!


I have a basket full of old Burlap Sacks from Idaho Potatoes

Great for Rustic themed decorating…

They could be part of a Halloween Theme, Harvest Theme, or Picnic Theme!

All clean and in the shop ready for some “Treasure Hunter” to put to good use 🙂

Vintage French Wooden Wine Box Panels!


A neighbor of mine collected a bunch of these years ago.  He had a goal to have every ranked wine in his collection.  At one point, he was going to cover a wall with these…. Now he wants me to sell them for him and eliminate the burden on his kids.  I think they are great!  Do eople really collect these?  A year ago, I was thinking of converting our 1980’s wet bar into a wine bar and even pitched the idea to my husband and our carpenter; but lost out.  LOL!