Father Christmas Coat


My love for Christmas is one of the greatest things that I share with my husband.  Now that he is retired, I have decided to make him a Father Christmas Coat!  Well, that sounds simple enough.  I can sew and I have a creative mind… I collect Craft Materials and have lots available.  I can do this!  Next month, we are going to participate in the Piecemakers Holiday Festival as vendors and I want to get the coat completed in time for that!

First, I needed a pattern.  I went on line and found a Simplicity bathrobe pattern, (#5314), that looks to be just the structure that I need for the foundation.  I have this great coppery-dark red colored upholstery fabric in my collection that will make a perfect background.

I want to embellish the coat with some kind of minimal fur at the lapel and cuffs, but I am going to leave that for later thought.  On each upper arm, and around the bottom, I would like to add applique medallions.  Each one will be made of leather.  I have a stash of garment and upholstery leather and lots of old design ideas that I want to put together.  First, I took an image of a shamrock and thistle and transferred them to leather.  I cut them out and used stitch witchery to hold the pieces in place.  The first one was a disaster!  The leather curled and shrunk up on the edges (this may be something that I will deliberately do later for some other craft, so I am storing that mistake for future ideas.)  OK, so I gently ironed the second one and it looks great!  More medallions to come and then i will start sewing with a leather needle on my machine.  Originally, I thought that I could sew all of the appliques by hand, but quickly learned that sewing through 3 layers of leather is more than I can manage!

OK, so I used the line drawings of the pattern from the envelope, and added some very primitive drawings of what I wanted to add.  I will be working on the garment and more medallions this week.  preview pictures to come!  Please let me now if this project sounds like it till work out; or any ideas you would like to share!




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