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Tons of Treasures ~ Mid Century Finds!


href=””>IMG_7106Still working to clean out the storage units and re-stock the shop with more treasures. This week, more mid-century finds and some retro-style pieces were just added. There’s this really cool Old Clock that seems to be a 1960’s Starburst ATOMIC AGE type clock. It measures 36″ across!

Then, there’s this really cool Guitar Pick shaped glass table with surfboard shaped layers of glass beneath that create free-form shelves below!

It was surprising how many Mid-Century accent pieces were added! There’s a couple of really tall Amber Glass decanters; one is marked “Made in Italy”. Each one measures about 22″ tall. Check out the satin finish aluminum vase and those pottery lidded bowls. All part of the mid-century look!

Found this Vintage COMFEE Chair Mid Century Sewing Chair by Stump…


Stop by and check out these great finds and more at Tons of Treasures 27601 Forbes Rd, Laguna Niguel 92677


Crowned Birds ~ How To Embellish Craft Store Birds


How to Embellish Craft Birds Tons_of_Treasures 07012013

Sweet Crowned Bird ~ just finished this one today.  Instructions on my blog

Sweet Crowned Bird ~ just finished this one today. Instructions on my blog

Click the link to see the entire pdf document with pictures…
How to Embellish Craft Birds Tons_of_Treasures 07012013So many readers have asked for the “how-to” that I created a document while I was working on my birds over the weekend. Besides the crowns, some of the birds were painted, too!

How to Embellish Craft Birds
Turn a Craft Store Bird into Royalty
Birds from Craft Store (samples came from my stash ~ probably from the 1980’s!)
Decorative Paper (heavier scrap book paper scraps work well)
Nail Art (tiny rhinestone-like jewels for manicures – available online)
White Glue & Water
Paper Cutter
Pinking Shears
Glue Vessel (like an old jar lid)
Cut scrap book paper into strips 1” – 1.5” wide
Use pinking shears to cut these in half lengthwise
Randomly cut these strips into lengths for crowns that will fit birds (3/4” – 1 1/2” works well)
Wrap one piece at a time around thick paintbrush handle and glue together
Sort out jewels
Mix white glue with a little water in jar lid
Use fine stiff paintbrush to apply glue onto crown front
Develop design with jewels, adding glue as needed
(Tip: moisten other end of paintbrush to pick up single jewel easily.)
Use dry paintbrush handle to move jewels around and straighten as needed
Set aside to dry
Match bird up with crown. Apply glue to inside rim of crown and place on head.
Let Dry
Side note: Sometimes the birds are a little freaky and need some other embellishments. This little one needed to get her eyes done. I made eyelids and lashes and glued them on. One pupil was too small, so a dot of black paint fixed her up!
Place on perch, birdhouses, birdcages…. Wherever a little royalty belongs 
Feel free to e-mail any questions, or to share pictures of your birds!