HUGE Collection of Early Barbies Francie Skipper Tutti


2014-05-17 023

2014-05-17 024

2014-05-17 032

2014-05-17 035

2014-05-17 040

2014-05-17 042

2014-05-17 043

2014-05-17 044

2014-05-17 045

1960's Barbie Collection

1960’s Barbie Collection

After 50 years, parting with my
Personal Collection of Barbies from the early 1960’s.
These are number 2 or 3 Barbies and the first Francie, Tutti, & Skipper
Original Cases _ Kept Immaculate by an Only Child!
Please e-mail to View
OF course, these could be broken down to the piece and sold individually
But this collection belongs together!
Serious Buyers Only!
Lots of additional accessories not pictured.


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