Cubbies for the Craft & Ebay Room!



The front bedroom is dedicated space to work on repurposing and sewing.  So far, I have this super cabinet that I found at the local RE-STORE.  It measures 80″ tall x 48″ wide x 20″ deep.  It has 42 cubbies that I just imagined would be perfect for sorting all my treasures!  Check out the original color – kind of a pale greenish yellow.  You can’t see it in the picture, but each cubby has a stenciled number (1 … 42 inside) maybe it was for a locker attendant?   It needed some sort of trays, but the thought of buying 42 of anything was out of the question.  I used boxes and repurposed them into just the right size.  Then I printed some cool produce and can labels to cover the fronts of the boxes.  So far, I only have 20 done, but I’m collecting more boxes to finish it off.

Isn’t this a Great Display / Storage for my stash?  Please share your comments; I’d love to hear from you!


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