Trash to Treasures is more like it! 

I have collected “Tons of Treasures” all of my life!  How I can use this in future craft projects, Sewing, Collage, Assemblage?   I always have conservation in mind.  I hate to throw anything away.  When I was a Girl Scout, I turned empty cookie tubs into planters and  taught my own troop crafting from scrap from the time they were brownies until they were First Class Scouts!  We jumped into the crafting mode every September, and didn’t quit until we participated in a local Craft Bazaar early December.  My mom influenced my craftiness.  She was creative and she could always be found at her sewing machine.  I remember one year, she made matching dresses for herself, my two sisters,and me!  My dad and brother had matching shirts and we all went to Disneyland dressed alike~!  I used to tease her about it later, but she said that made it easier to spot us in a crowd.  Those were the days!

My appreciation for antiques didn’t begin until I was in high school in the 1970’s.  Finding Treasures seemed to be my calling.  I think I got it from my dad.  He always said he was a scavenger.  Today, he would be considered the king of upcycling!  He collected discarded captain’s chairs and parts for years from the trash at his work.  Every time a broken chair was discarded, he brought it home!   Eventually, he pieced together enough chairs for the whole family plus company to sit at the kitchen table together!

Swap Meets were popular in California and I loved searching for cool treasures.  Eventually, I started finding the rewards in the resale value of some of my treasures.  My folks lived on a semi-busy corner, so I would have killer garage sales on their front lawn once in a while.  It was a blast.  With the evolution of the internet, I learned to sell on line.  It is fun, and I sporadically have been doing it for more than 10 years as a hobby while I worked at my full time career as a software trainer.

My husband retired a year ago and I decided to take an early retirement and do what I love.  Tons of Treasures became a reality.  We started with baby steps and quickly grew!  It is a destination, and worth the trip!  We quickly filled the space and had to move “up” by increasing our shelves and displays over doorways and windows!  The mix includes Small Antiques, Vintage Luggage, Garden Ware, Carnival Glass, China Dinnerware, Disneyana, Western Cowboy & Native American Memorabilia, Vintage Toys, Ladies Hats, Gloves, and Rhinestone Jewelry, Vintage Dolls and Mohair Bears, Record Albums fro the 1960’s through the 1970’s, Counter-Culture Treasures like Rat Fink and Rockabilly Figures, Hot Rod Model Kits, Tin Signs, Harley Run Pins… The list goes on and on.  Visit us at Tons of Treasures in Laguna Hills, the Collectibles Shop that is Different Every Day!


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